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You CAN achieve better diabetes management with a weight-inclusive approach.

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Hi, I’m Amanda

I’m passionate about helping people with diabetes.

I’ve been working for over 20 years in nutrition and most of that time in diabetes. I started my work in eating disorders with clients with diabetes. The burden of managing a chronic illness is not lost on me and I’ve learned so much from my clients and use that knowledge to help the next one.

Understanding how a medication, new technology, or food plays with your glucose result can help with making reasonable changes that have an impact.

My goal is to decrease the frustration and help us find patterns and solutions to optimize your health until there is a cure.



My mission is to empower individuals to make sustainable and personalized changes to improve their health and well-being.

I recognize that everyone’s journey is unique and work with my clients to understand their individual struggles and needs.

By setting goals together, I strive to help my clients make changes that are effective, sustainable, and not restrictive


I work with people to understand what their individual struggles are.

Although there are some similarities between people with a similar diagnosis, my goal is to learn what is getting in your way and work together to make sustainable changes that are not restrictive.

We set goals and then review those goals to see what is working and what might not be a good fit.



Integrity is a core value for me as it is essential to maintaining trust and credibility with my clients, and it ensures that ethical principles are consistently upheld in all interactions and decisions made.


Kindness is an essential value for me as it promotes a caring and empathetic approach toward clients and fosters a positive and supportive environment. I want clients to feel valued, respected and understood.


Creativity enables me to find innovative and tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. It encourages me to approach challenges with an open mind and to think outside of the box.


Inspiration as a value helps me to recognize the importance of sharing stories of success and progress with clients, which provides motivation and hope to help them achieve their own goals.

Fun facts

🐶 I have a dog named Topper

🧗🏻‍♀️ I love to hike and be outside

🏘 I have lived in VA, MD, MA, and now NJ/NY

🍽️ I love trying new foods and restaurants

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